Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reflections on becoming a grandpa

Our first grandchild is due June 4, 2010. Just learned of this from our daughter, Kristen, and son-in-law, Kevin, within the past two weeks. Beyond the excitement (and apprehensions) of seeing our own children entering the stage of parenting, I observe a sense of continuity and wonder: "What kind of legacy will Ronda and I leave in our descendants?" What trends, habits, life patterns and values will they become known for?

It has been said that the true test of parenting is not how your OWN CHILDREN turn out; it is how your GRANDCHILDREN turn out. Not that I am going to sit around worrying or fretting about this. But I do take pause and evaluate how well we have prepared our own children to parent the next generation. Hopefully they will succeed in spite of our own shortcomings.

From left: Josh (our son), Lyndsey (his wife), Lavern & Ronda, Jessica (our daughter), Kristen (our daughter) and Kevin (her husband)